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The em dash keyboard shortcut differs depending on if you're using a Mac or PC. On a PC, you can use an Emoji keyboard or type the Alt Code, Alt + 0151. On a Mac, you simply need to use the Option, Shift, and Minus keys. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories Em Dash Keyboard Shortcut On Microsoft Word (and most other word processing systems), when you put two dashes next to each other (-), they combine to form an em dash. However, on most web editors—Wordpress, Twitter, or Facebook for example—those two hyphens don't magically become em-dashes The Em Dash alt code shortcut for Mac is [Option] + [Shift] + [-]. Obey the following steps to type — on Mac: First of all, place your insertion pointer where you need the Em Dash symbol. Then press [Option] + [Shift] + [-] simultaneously on your Mac keyboard

Click to select the em dash sign. Click on the Shortcut Key button On a regular-size keyboard with a number keypad, I can use keyboard shortcuts to create em dashes and en dashes: Em dash (—): Alt+0151 En dash (-): Alt+015 The Em dash Alt Code is 0151. Using the em dash alt code, you can type this (—) on any Windows keyboard or PC. This code is designed to be used to type any symbol that has no dedicated key on the keyboard. You can do this by pressing and holding the Alt key whilst typing the alt code (0151 for the — symbol) using the numeric keypad

press the hyphen key on the keyboard . To make an en dash (-) on a Mac, press the option key and the hyphen key at the same time. To make an en dash on a PC, press the control key and the minus sign on the numeric keyboard at the same time. To make an em dash (—) on a Mac, press the option key, shift key and the hyphen key at the same time. To make an em dash on PC, press the control key, alt key and minus sign on the numeric keyboard at the same time Word will automatically convert it to an em-dash.On some Mac keyboards, the option key is called alt. For desktop PC: press alt+ctrl+minus on the numeric keypad (the number section on the far right of your keyboard). The trick will not work if you press the hyphen-key on the typewriter section of the keyboard An em dash or a spaced en dash can be used to mark a break in a sentence, and a pair can be used to set off parenthetical statements. Glitter, felt, yarn, and buttons—his kitchen looked as if a clown had exploded. A flock of sparrows - some of them juveniles - alighted and sang

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  1. To create an Em dash, use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + Alt + -. To create an En dash, use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + -
  2. You can create a dash on a PC by holding down the ALT key and typing either 0150 (en-dash) or 0151 (em-dash). The en-dash and em-dash are similar but have slight differences. This website explains the difference between the en-dash and em-dash. Only use the numbers on the keypad to the right of your keyboard
  3. With Google Docs, you can either copy and paste either one from the Windows Character Map, press the em dash on the iOS keyboard (if you're using a Mac), or use Google Doc's Special Characters Window: Go to the Insert windo
  4. Using the En Dash Symbol Shortcut (Mac and Windows) For Mac users, the keyboard shortcut for the En Dash Symbol is [ Option ] + [ - ]. For Windows users, use the Alt Code method by pressing down the [Alt] key whilst typing the symbol alt code which is 0150. You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code
  5. hello.I wonder if i can insert with keyboard or in word an em dash bigger than usual.Wih double- triple lenght from the dashes on keyboard or in word This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (1).
  6. Unfortunately, there isn't an em dash symbol or an en dash symbol on a keyboard. However, there are a couple of ways you can create them, which may differ slightly depending on if you use Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  7. The two most common dashes are the en dash (-) and the em dash (—). They are named as such because the en dash is as long as a lowercase n and an em dash is as long as an uppercase M. You can use these dashes in your writing to signify breaks, dialogue, and much more

Hold down one of the Altkeys and type on the numeric keypad: 0150 for an en dash or 0151 for an em dash. The dash appears when you release the Altkey. On a keyboard with no numeric keypad, use a Fn(Function) key combination to type the numbers. (The Fnkey is usually to the right of the left-hand Ctrlkey on the keyboard. To insert an em or en dash using Insert Symbol: Click where you want to insert the em dash or en dash. Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon. In the Symbols group, click Symbol Press the Win key and the dot (.) at the same time to get to the emoji keyboard. At the top of the keyboard, navigate to the symbols menu (the omega icon). You should see the en- and em-dashes.. I have a new laptop from Microsoft that does not have a numeric keypad. When using Word 365 I am trying to insert an Em Dash. I've found multiple sources that indicate I can still use a keyboard

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  1. It's easy to use the hyphen, em dash and en dash (also known as n dash and m dash, or n-dash and m-dash) to make your writing flow better. Let's look at examples of dashes, the rules for using the en dash, and compare how dashes are used in writing..
  2. Like the en dash the em dash is not visible on keyboard and must be activated. The shortcut is Option + Shift + Hyphen or you can go to Type > Insert Special Character > Hyphens and Dashes > Em Dash. Glyphs. There is another way of selecting dashes. Go to Type > Glyphs and a new floating palette will open. The glyphs palette will display a visual reference to all of the characters within the.
  3. us (keyboard hyphen), en dash, em dash, and mathematical

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  1. Grammatically, the en dash is used to represent a date range. Depending on the context (like a resume), the en dash is read as to or through. The en dash..
  2. Alt+0151Because some people are visual learners. Please share your discoveries in the comments section below!Wondering how I filmed & typed simultaneously??.
  3. N-dash (or 'en dash') An easy way to insert an n-dash or m-dash in Microsoft Word: Create easy keyboard shortcuts for the characters. Word has default shortcut key combinations for special characters, but I find them hard to remember and hard to reach with my fingers. The method below lets you assign new shortcuts that are easy to type (and easy to remember). How-to: (These.
  4. Typing the En Dash and Em Dash on PCs and Macs. Computer keyboards lack individual keys for either of the dashes. (The symbol above the hyphen is an underline, not a dash.) Before word processing, we had to make an em dash by typing two hyphens. Now we have options. Note that not all keyboards around the world are the same. Our readers outside the U.S. tell us that they don't have the.
  5. An en dash is slightly longer than a hyphen. Its purpose is to show a range, as in: Boston beat Miami 98-83. An en dash also shows a connection between two places, like New York-Boston corridor. There are other uses for it too, but these are the most frequent ones. Which brings us to the em dash. It's twice as long as the en dash, and is used most often in a sentence to set apart two.
  6. The em dash keyboard shortcut differs depending on if you're using a Mac or PC. On a PC, you can use an Emoji keyboard or type the Alt Code, Alt + 0151. On a Mac, you simply need to use the..
  7. On a keyboard with no numeric keypad, use a Fn + Function key combination to type the numbers. (The Fn key is usually to the right of the left-hand Ctrl key on the keyboard.). For example, on a US keyboard layout, the combination for an en dash should be Alt + Fn + mjim and for an em dash it should be Alt + Fn + mjij

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In any software program that handles text, the em dash can be typed on an enhanced keyboard as Alt + 0151—that is, hold down the alternate key and, using the numerical pad on the right side of the keyboard, type the numbers 0151. The en dash can be typed as Alt + 0150 When writing emails and articles I often find myself in the need to use a long/em dash — character, not to be confused with the hyphen - character. Normally what I end up doing is I type two consecutive hyphens -- and hit the Space key, which then ends up replacing the two hyphens with the long dash To produce an em dash in Word, press Ctrl-Alt-minus sign on the numeric keypad. Or press the Alt key while typing 0151 on the numeric keypad. But what if you don't have a standard keyboard, or are writing a blog post, or don't want to mess with html? Go ahead and use a hyphen instead of an en dash Go to System-> Preferences-> Keyboard. Select the Layouts tab. Click Options. Under Compose Key Position (drop-down), choose a key to use for composing — I chose the Right Win (right Windows key). Now press and release the compose key, then type ---to get the em-dash. [Here's a list of more characters you can type this way.

Replied on February 3, 2020 If you have a numeric keypad on your keybord, you can use CTRL+Num - to insert an Em Dash. You can repeat the process to insert two of them together in a single Em Dash is not as long as you want. For something in-between use an En Dash, which can be inserted by using CTRL+ALT+Num However, I have noticed that tap and holding the - on the onscreen keyboard gives you the option of an en dash (amongst others). One thing that works in Word and some other programs (WordPad for example, but not Notepad or Edge) is typing the Unicode reference and then Alt-X, ie, 2013 then Alt and x. This works on the Type Cover keyboard Holding the right Alt Key (Alt Gr) while pressing another key on the US International Keyboard yields the blue characters depicted in the layout below.Shown here is the PC104 (with 104 keys) which will obviously differ slightly with many notebook layouts. Example 1: To type the Euro sign € hold the Alt Gr and press 5 Example 2: To type a capital C cedilla Ç hold both the Alt Gr and Shift. Em dash Only one solution was left — revenge! When to Use Em Dash (—) with Examples. The em dash/ long dash (—) is different from en dash (-) and hyphen (-). Twice as long as the en dash, the long dash can be used in place of a comma, parenthesis, or colon to enhance readability or emphasize the conclusion of a sentence. 1. The em dash.

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The em dash is a character that some people add to documents as an alternative to brackets, but it's not included on most standard QWERTY keyboards. The closet thing to an em dash on the keyboard is a hyphen (-), which is too short to be a substitute for it The em-dash can be created on the PC by using holding down the ALT key and typing 0151 on the numeric keypad. Only the numbers on the right hand keypad do this, not the numbers above the letters. On the Mac, press Shift-Option and the minus key to make en em-dash. You can use — in HTML to add the em-dash to a website Use keyboard key combination to insert an em dash in Google Docs. Another way to enter em dash in Google Docs is to use a keyboard key combination based on your operating system. If you use em dash often while writing, then remembering this combination will be very helpful. In Windows, you will actually have to use a small code and it will automatically enter an em dash in Google Docs. Simply. If the minus sign is not avail­able, I rec­om­mend to use the en-dash in­stead, com­pare 6 - 5 (en-dash) and 6 - 5 (hy­phen-minus, too short). Note: Most pro­gram­ming lan­guages re­quire the user to use the hy­phen-minus sign in place of a minus

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The em dash is made on most PCs by holding down the ALTkey while typing 0151on the keypad ( — ). The em dash can be made in Microsoft Wordby pressingCTRL+ ALT+the minus sign -, located on the keypad. On a Maccomputer, the em dash is made by pressing ALT+SHIFT+ the hyphen key, located to the. I realized that on my keyboard layout (Spanish - Latin American) [AltGr] + [1] did the same as [AltGr] + [<], they both typed the vertical bar |. And also the key at the left of [1] typed the same symbol. To much redundancy for a symbol that I barely use. So, I decided to modify the [<] key, so [AltGr] + [<] result in the em-dash. With this command: xmodmap -e keycode 94 = less greater less. These are two other hyphen-like characters in Word, the E m -dash and the E n -dash. They were not on a standard typewriter keyboard so they weren't in general use until word-processors made them available to the public

In addition to what @Glorfindel has mentioned about the use of. On a Mac (and on iOS devices connected to a physical keyboard), you can use ⌥ + -for an en-dash and ⇧ Shift + ⌥ + -for an em-dash. (⌥ is the Option or Alt key).On Windows, if you have a numeric keypad, you can use Alt + 0150 resp. Alt + 0151.. There's a great extension ChromeDash that solves this problem gracefully The em dash—roughly the width of an upper-case M—is often referred to as the long dash. While the hyphen and en dash have more specific technical purposes, the em dash is quite versatile and the only one that's a true mark of punctuation. It can act as a more pronounced replacement for commas, semicolons, or colons

The em dash is highly versatile. It can take the place of commas, colons, or parentheses in your sentences. Most word processing programs will autocorrect two hyphens typed in a row into an em dash. Use em dashes to enhance readability as they can be more emphatic than the mere comma En Dash Custom Keyboard The En Dash is a privately run TKL featuring an F13 key thanks to the recently available H88 PCB by Hiney. Heres some stats: Layout:.. Neither the en nor the em appear on standard keyboards making them even harder to use. In order to find an em dash in Google Docs, a user must navigate through the Insert menu into Special Characters, through the Punctuation drop down and finally into Dash/Connector to find the lowly em dash: —. Then to do it on demand, you can memorize the keyboard shortcuts, or simply copy one, and paste. The em dash is perhaps the most versatile punctuation mark. Depending on the context, the em dash can take the place of commas, parentheses, or colons⁠—in each case to slightly different effect. Notwithstanding its versatility, the em dash is best limited to two appearances per sentence. Otherwise, confusion rather than clarity is likely to result. Do not mistake the em dash (—) for the.

Instead, you can check out what a hyphen, en dash, and em dash are if you're unsure when to use each punctuation mark. Essentially, a hyphen is a dash (-), an en dash is the length of two dashes (-), and an em dash is the length of three dashes (—). Manually Create Hyphens and Dashe To insert the en dash: Move the cursor to the position where you want the en dash. Press and hold down the Ctrl key. Press the minus key on the numeric keypad (see Figure 1) Simple keyboard shortcut to make long hyphens (em dash) in windows is 0151 Press the alt key and hold it down while typing 0151 on the Windows keyboard. This is the simple page to learn how to type / make em dash (em dash) on your windows keyboard If none of these work for you, just google keyboard shortcut for em dash Windows (or Word, Word 2016, Windows 365, Mac, Mac Pages, iOS, and so on). If you know of another way, please share in the comments! Use an em dash, but use it wisely. Em dashes are great. They provide variety to your sentence structure plus add style to your writing. But above all, be careful to use them thoughtfully.

2. Type em-dash in search box. I got about five possible choices but the first one shown in results is the vanilla em-dash. Same sequence but search for en-dash on the other character. It returns the first one again is the one you want I am guessing. All characters are displayed along with the appropriate unicode universal representation as. When you need an em dash, you can let Word enter it for you the easy way. If that approach doesn't suit your needs, try one of three manual methods Make an em dash or en dash with a keyboard shortcut. If you're a Mac user, congratulations: you basically only need to read the next sentence. On a Mac, the keyboard shortcut Option + Dash (-) makes an en dash, and Option + Shift + Dash (-) makes an em dash. On Windows it'sless simple: you need to use an alt code to get an em dash. If you have a numeric keyboard, hold down the Alt key. Keyboard Shortcuts for the En Dash and Em Dash: en-dash (-) : option+hyphen. em-dash (—) : shift+option+hyphen . For more punctuation help, see our comprehensive guide to the 14 punctuation marks everyone needs to master. Categories Students & Academics 5 Comments Post navigation. Free SEO Template and Checklist . 29 Expert Tips on Writing Website Copy That Gets Real Results. 5 thoughts on. Alternatively known as a dash, subtract, negative, or minus sign, the hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark on the underscore key next to the 0 key on US keyboards. Pictured is an example of the hyphen and underscore key on top of the keyboard. Where is the hyphen key on the keyboard? How to create the hyphen symbol

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Keyboard Shortcut. You can use a universal shortcut to insert the em dash not just on Google Docs, but on other word processing applications as well.. To do that, hold down the Alt key, and then. If AutoFormat is not enabled (and you don't want it to be), you can also find em dashes by navigating to the Insert tab, selecting Symbol, choosing More Symbols, and clicking the em dash on the second row. Finally, there's also a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+minus, where Num Lock is enabled and you're utilizing the minus symbol on your numeric keypad This keyboard shortcut brings up a multi-item clipboard. You can then pin the em dash within the list, and whenever you need to insert it in OneNote or any other application, the em dash is just a keystroke away. It'll stay pinned even after restarting the computer and clearing the clipboard history. 1. share . Report Save. level 2. Original Poster 1 year ago. This worked! Thanks so much! 1.

The em dash, aka possibly the most adaptable and intuitive punctuation mark there is, gets a lot of love—and the occasional bit of hate. Em dashes may be prone to overuse, but if you understand how beautiful the em dash can be, you won't want to overuse it. And of course, some of the best em dash examples exist in the world of literature Pada Windows 10 Versi 1903, Anda dapat memasukkan en-dash, em-dash, dan berbagai simbol lainnya dengan cara yang lebih sederhana menggunakan panel Emoji yang diperbarui: Ketik Win+ .(atau Win+ ;) dan pilih simbol omega di bagian atas panel. Saya belum menemukan cara untuk memasukkannya menggunakan keyboard saja (yaitu tanpa menggunakan mouse) En dash keyboard. Bestelle Marken-Keyboards günstig im NBB.com online Shop! Jede Woche neue Keyboards Angebote. Nur solange der Vorrat reicht Vergleichen Sie die besten Keyboards im Warentest. Jetzt Testsieger bestellen. Dieses musikalische Multitalent vereint verschiedenste Instrumente in einem Gehäuse Below is a breakdown of the En Dash Symbol shortcut for Windows: Place the insertion. If you add the Japaneese QWERTY keyboard to your list of keyboards, you can find it by hitting the ABC button, then the 123 button, then press and HOLD the bottom right .,-/ button. Then slide up to select the dash. After selecting you will be given choices for variants and one being the em dash. And in case you didn't know, at the same ABC, 123 location, pressing and holding the number 1 and. In short: the em-dash cannot be used in Spanish like any of those English examples, except perhaps 2(a). What you read in the Diccionario panhispánico de dudas is correct: only parenthetical remarks and dialogues are correct uses of the em-dash in Spanish. Spaniards actually have a bit of a hard time when learning those alternative uses in English precisely because of that

An en dash is half the width of an em dash. You'll (usually) use an en dash to denote a range: The instructions for inserting an em dash in Word 2007 are on pages 26 - 27. An em dash denotes an. While word processors usually automatically insert an em dash when you type two hyphens, keyboards typically lack dedicated keys for the em or en dash. Word processors provide for insertion of these marks—you just have to you know where to find them (or the shortcut key combination). A good place to look is on the insert symbol menu. In Microsoft Word, the en dash and em dash are. The en dash (-) is slightly wider than the hyphen (-) but narrower than the em dash (—). The typical computer keyboard lacks a dedicated key for the en dash, though most word processors provide a means for its insertion. Span or range of numbers. The en dash is used to represent a span or range of numbers, dates, or time. There should be no space between the en dash and the adjacent. Em dash (—) is a long dash that is used by various writers to make their content more attractive and different. Now if you use Google Docs or any other Google product for writing or office work then you might wonder that does it have the em dash option? Yes, it has. In most of the word applications, you can make it just by creating two normal dashes but that does not seem to be the case here The em dash keyboard shortcut differs depending on if you're using a Mac or PC. On a PC, you can use an Emoji keyboard or type the Alt Code, Alt + 0151

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  1. I recently got an iPad Smart Keyboard. I'm editing a book using Google Docs on the iPad Pro (12.9) with the Smart Keyboard. On my MacBook Pro, I can just type option-hyphen for a en-dash, and shift-option-hyphen for an em-dash, but it doesn't seem to work on the Smart Keyboard. How do I type these characters on the Smart Keyboard
  2. I can't figure out how to type an em dash on my android (Samsung Galaxy tab A). A few google searches says to hold down the hyphen key, but nothing pops up when I do so. It works on vowels (ãēîőü), but nothing shows up when I hold down the hyphen. I am able to type the em dash on my iPhone, but not android. I have the device up-to-date at 6.0.1. I've tried resetting my keyboard settings.
  3. The Dash. The dash ( — ), also called the em dash, is the long horizontal bar, much longer than a hyphen. Few keyboards have a dash, but a word processor can usually produce one in one way or another. If your keyboard can't produce a dash, you will have to resort to a hyphen as a stand-in
  4. Em dashes are often used to set off parenthetical information. Using em dashes instead of parentheses puts the focus on the information between the em dashes. For this usage, make sure you use two em dashes. Use one before the parenthetical information and one after it. Putting spaces before and after an em dash is a matter of preference; just be consistent. Consider the examples below for reference
  5. us sign (specifically, the one on the top of the keyboard). Or, you can even copy and paste one of the em dashes from earlier in this post! For more detail on the use of hyphens, en dashes, em dashes, and even
  6. us, which is an arithmetic operator; however, typographers have typically used U+2013 en dash in typesetting to represent the
  7. Insert => symbol => Special Characters => em dash (in Excel 2003 on WinXP) (and earlier versions if possible). The Special Characters menu doesn't show a keystroke shortcut for any of the special characters listed. I can't write a keystroke recording macro to do it, or at least, if I try, I must start before selecting the cell and the insertion point or the macro recorder is grayed out; and.

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On Windows, many of the characters have to be inserted by entering an alt code; press and hold alt key and enter the code with the numeric keypad - e.g. en dash = Alt + 0 1 5 0 Tastaturkürzel für Gedankenstrich, Bindestrich, Streckenstrich. Infothek / Tastaturkürzel / Schriftzeichen / Striche. Glossar. Rechtschreibung. Genus. Häufige Rechtschreibfehler. Pluralbildung. Rechtschreibvarianten. Verwechselte Wörter En dash sepanjang huruf n kecil, sementara em dash sepanjang huruf besar M. Anda dapat menggunakan tanda pisah ini dalam tulisan untuk menandakan pemisahan, dialog, dan banyak lagi. Bacalah di bawah ini untuk mengetahui cara mengetik tanda pisah dalam berbagai situasi. Langkah. Metode 1 dari 5: Microsoft Word. 1. Buka dokumen Word. Tempatkan kursor pada posisi tanda pisah akan ditampilkan. In Microsoft Word, an em dash can be typed with ctrl + alt + numeric hyphen. Note that this is only available using the hyphen on the numeric keypad not the main keyboard. Word (on a Mac or a PC) will automatically render an em dash when two hyphens are typed, unspaced, between words

If you begin a line with an em dash or ellipsis, the only reason you would insert a space before is to drive your editor nuts. This is the basic difference in how em dashes are rendered in AP style and Chicago style: AP (p. 368): An em dash, like an ellipsis, has a space before and after, except when used to introduce items in a vertical list En dashes are easy to create in Microsoft Word: On a PC, hold the Control key and type the minus sign (specifically, the one on the numeric keypad to the right; this shortcut will not work with the one at the top of the keyboard). On a Mac, hold the Option key and type the minus sign (specifically, the one on the top of the keyboard). Or, you can even copy and paste one of the five en dashes from earlier in this post enダッシュとemダッシュを入力する方法. enダッシュ(-): Altキーを押しながら、数字の「0150」を押して、Altキーを離す. emダッシュ(—): Altキーを押しながら、数字の「0151」を押して、Altキーを離す. ちょっと面倒ですが、これでenダッシュとemダッシュをキーボードで入力することができます。 There isn't an em dash button on a standard keyboard, she said, so you have to go to extra effort. That may mean shortcuts, or worse: copying and pasting em dashes from previously.

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Em dashes (—) are powerful characters you can use in your writing to create a long, dramatic pause or place emphasis on a phrase. While a standard keyboard allows you use a regular dash (-), it. Der Halbgeviertstrich (-), auch Langstrich, ist in der Typografie ein waagerechter Strich, der ein Halbgeviert lang ist. Er wird als Gedankenstrich, Bis-Strich und Streckenstrich sowie bei Geldbeträgen verwendet. Andere waagerechte Striche, mit denen der Halbgeviertstrich häufig verwechselt wird, sind das Minuszeichen, der Viertelgeviertstrich, der Geviertstrich und der Doppelgeviertstrich. No em dash on keyboard? Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by toko, Mar 2, 2011. toko Lurker. Thread Starter. Android Version: 2.2 Network: Telstra Australia Taskiller Used?: no [Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom: n/a Issue: Hi, I'm a newb here too. And there's this small issue that's just bugging me. Is there any way to add en and/or em-dashes on the Android? No matter how I try to. How to insert an em-dash [closed] edit. writer. character-style. asked 2017-04-10 23:46:14 +0100. LunixTheFirst 108 10 16 24. I would like to use em dashes and en dashes in text, but don't see a way to insert them with the keyboard. How can it be done? I am typically using Liberation Serif as the font, but not always- sometimes it's Droid Sans or something else. edit retag flag offensive.

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To form an em dash on most PCs, type the first word, then hold down the ALT key while typing 0151 on the numerical pad on the right side of your keyboard. Note the use of the numeric keypad on the right of your keyboard. Using the number keys at the top will not work How To Insert An Em Dash Using A Keyboard Shortcut. How To Quickly Type Emoji On Mac With A Keyboard. Emoji Keyboard Mac Command - There are several methods of getting a free Emoji Keyboard Mac Command, but in this article I will share with you among the most useful and powerful ones. The Emoji Keyboard Mac Command used to help create a web page are a very important part of the website and.

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The em dash—so called because in traditional typesetting it was the length of a capital M—is often known by its more pedestrian, non-alphabetical name, the long dash. In the bygone days of typewriters, the em dash was rendered as two hyphens (--), but today modern word processing packages offer a genuine em dash in their special character sets My PagePlus Keyboard for Windows will give you easy access to em-dash (Ctrl Alt M), en-dash (Ctrl Alt N), and many other special symbols and accented characters. Since it is a Windows keyboard it will work in most Windows applications. It was designed for the UK keyboard. Layouts for US keyboards will be different Word also has shortcuts for typing en-dash and em-dash with the minus on the numeric keypad, but 1. this is logically wrong because en-dash and em-dash are punctuation marks and not arithmetic operators, 2. not every keyboard has an numeric keypad, e.g. on laptops and 3. this still only works in Word. Similar to other systems Windows should use Alt+hyphen for en-dash and Alt+Shift+hyphen for.

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When many accented or special characters are needed, you should use a custom keyboard from Keyman, or Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC). However, many projects only need to type a few characters that are not on the physical keyboard. These would include special punctuation such as the em dash, ellipsis, curly quotes, and one or two accented characters. In cases like this, you can use. How does one type the em-dash with the X200 keyboard? Thanks! Sgt_Strider, May 26, 2011 #1. LenovoGringo Notebook Consultant. Reputations: 15 Messages: 155 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 30. There is a number lock key. Activated by Fn + scroll lock. Once the num-lock is on, you want to hit ; for the em-dash. LenovoGringo, May 26, 2011 #2. Sgt_Strider Notebook Evangelist. Reputations:-1. Dash or Hyphen: Alt 0151 — Longer Dash or Hyphen: Alt 22 Long Hyphon: Alt 42 * Asterisk: Alt 47 / Slash: Alt 92 \ Back Slash: 1º and 1ª mean 1st in some languages; Alt 166: ª: a superscript: Alt 167: º: o superscript: Archaic Punctuation Alt Codes; Alt 0183 · interpunct: Comments. 50 comments. Show comments. Post new comment. Your name: Your email address: You need to complete this. As a writing nerd, I really love using an em dash in my writing, but I've never understood why there's no key for it on the keyboard. I know that you can hit dash twice and it means em dash, but it just doesn't feel the same The em dash (about as wide as an uppercase M), is a relatively artistic punctuation mark, compared to the more technical hyphen and en dash. An em dash is most often used to indicate a pause in a sentence. It's stronger than a comma, but weaker than a period or semicolon. You can use a pair of em dashes to draw special attention to.

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An em-dash gives you another option when you are dealing with a phrase that describes or elaborates upon a noun. But again, use it only when it is clear that you want to add emphasis to a phrase. For instance, in the sentence below the em-dash highlights an unusual (and unfortunate) fact about this person's friend: Her best friend, indeed her only friend, did not even send her a birthday. There are two similar but distinct punctuation marks called dashes : the en dash and the em dash . In appearance, an en dash is slightly longer than a... In appearance, an en dash is slightly longer than a.. AP style calls for a space on both sides of an em dash, but most other styles, including MLA and APA, omit the spaces. On a Windows-based system, you can form an em dash on a keyboard by holding down the Alt key and typing 0151.To create the em dash on a Macintosh-based system, hold down the Shift and Option keys and press the Minus key [-], notes Techwalla, adding that alternatively, you can. Windows Keyboard Shortcut HTML Entity - En Dash: option + - alt + 0 1 5 0 - — Em Dash: option + shift + -alt + 0 1 5 1 — ‒ Figure Dash: Use the Character Viewer: Use the Character Map ‒-Hyphen-Minus--N/A ‐ Hyphen: Use the Character Viewer: Use the Character Map ‐ − Minus Sign: Use the Character Viewer: Use the Character Map − When should I use an em dash.

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An en dash is the second longest in length and is used to show a span of time or a numerical range; for example, 5-9, July-September, 1:00-8:00. In the Glyphs panel in Illustrator, the en dash Unicode is U+2013. Example: Our vacation is from June 13-18. An em dash is the longest in length of the three and is used to show a break in thought. For instance, Down the road—and a. If you want to know how to type the dash key on your notebook it's the key before the (+ on your regular keyboard. The best way to identify the dash key is (-), Hyphen Press the Shift key + (_) For the keyboard shortcuts, please go through this support document - HP PCs - Keyboard Shortcuts, Hotkeys, and Special Keys (Windows

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