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Distribution of haplogroup J2 in Europe, the Middle East & North Africa. The world's highest frequency of J2 is found among the Ingush (88% of the male lineages) and Chechen (56%) people in the Northeast Caucasus. Both belong to the Nakh ethnic group, who have inhabited that territory since at least 3000 BCE. Their language is distantly related to Dagestanian languages, but not to any other. In human genetics, Haplogroup J2 (M172) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup which is a subdivision of haplogroup J. Haplogroup J2 is widely believed to be associated with the spread of agriculture from the northern Fertile Crescent, the Levant, and Anatolia , . This connection is supported by its age (8,500 +/- 3,500 thousand years ago) , which is very close to the beginning of the Neolithic, its. In Human Genetics, J2 haplogroup (AKA J-M172) is among the most frequent Y DNA haplogroups in the Middle East and in the Arab World. The geographic origin is believed to be in the cressant fertile (Iraq,Turkey and Syria) The age is estimated to be 18,500 +/- 3,500 thousands years ago See more details about J2 haplogroup in this page:Haplogroup_J2_(Y-DNA Distribution of haplogroup J2b (M102) in Europe, the Middle East & North Africa Famous individualsThe Rothschild family , who established an international banking business, acquired the largest fortune in modern world history and established a true dynasty in the 19th century, apparently belonged to haplogroup J2 based on the results for the Rothschild patronym on Ysearch.org

Haplogruppe J wird in ihrer höchsten Konzentration im Kaukasus und in Südwestasien gefunden. Außerhalb dieser Regionen ist Haplogruppe J mäßig auf Südeuropa verteilt (besonders in Mittel- und Süditalien, in Griechenland und in Albanien), sowie in Mittelasien und in Südasien, besonders in Form von ihrer Subgruppe J2-M172.Haplogruppe J wird auch in Nordafrika und am Horn von Afrika. picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) Y chromosome haplogroup J2b1 strain Sir John Anthony Pople. In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry-winning chemist, Sir John Anthony Popuru (Sir John Anthony Pople, 1925-2004) Y chromosome of, haplogroups J2b1a is a (J-M205, subclade-YP13 ) ( Note 1) Haplogroup J is a human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup.The clade derives from the haplogroup JT, which also gave rise to haplogroup T.In his book The Seven Daughters of Eve, Bryan Sykes named the originator of this mtDNA haplogroup Jasmine.Within the field of medical genetics, certain polymorphisms specific to haplogroup J have been associated with Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy Als Haplogruppe wird eine Gruppe von Haplotypen bezeichnet, die spezifische Positionen auf einem Chromosom innehaben.. In der menschlichen Genetik werden beispielsweise die . Haplogruppen für das Y-Chromosom (); und für die mitochondriale DNA (); untersucht. Y-DNA wird ausschließlich entlang der väterlichen Linie geführt, und mtDNA wird hauptsächlich entlang der mütterlichen Linie geführt Haplogroup J2 and Thracians. Cruciani et al.'s E-V13 and J2-M12 coalescence times bear a striking similarity to carbon-14-based date calculations for certain archaeological sites in the Maritsa river valley and its tributaries, near the city of Nova Zagora, Bulgaria (Nilolova, 2002). These sites are associated directly with the proto-Thracian culture of the southern Balkans that came to.

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In genetic genealogy and human genetics, Y DNA haplogroup J-M267, also commonly known as haplogroup J1, is a subclade (branch) of Y-DNA haplogroup J-P209 (commonly known as haplogroup J) along with its sibling clade Y DNA haplogroup J-M172 (commonly known as haplogroup J2). (All these haplogroups have had other historical names listed below. [Phylogenetics 1] [Phylogenetics 2]) Men from this. Haplogroup J (Y-DNA)J is Originally from Eastern Anatolia, divided into the northern J2 and the southern J1. J2 is by far the most common variety in Europe.H.. Ursprung. Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass die Haplogruppe vor mindestens 63.000 - 81.000 Jahren in Afrika oder in Zentralasien entsprang. Während Haplogruppe D zusammen mit Haplogruppe E gemeinsam die unverkennbare YAP-Mutation besitzt, eine Mutation, die nur bei E und D vorkommt, werden die Chromosomen der Haplogruppe D nirgendwo anders als in Asien vorgefunden About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

J2 haplogroup population sizes based on currently available data (Wikipedia, Eupedia, FamilyTreeDNA). Asia leads with big population size countries like India and Pakistan. Then the homeland Anatolia/Turkey follows. Also important are New World Countries like Brazil and USA where most of the J2 are expected to have Old World origins in Iberia and Italy. In J2 Project@FTDNA the Unknown. Haplogroup J2 is widely believed to be associated with the spread of agriculture from the northern Fertile Crescent, the Levant, and Anatolia [2], [3].This connection is supported by its age (8,500 +/- 3,500 thousand years ago) , which is very close to the beginning of the Neolithic, its distribution, which is centered in West Asia and Southeastern Europe, as well as its association with the. Haplogruppe G ist in der Humangenetik eine Haplogruppe des Y-Chromosoms.Sie ist eine Subgruppe von F und es wird angenommen, dass sie im Nahen Osten oder in Südasien entstand, möglicherweise in Nordindien, Pakistan oder Afghanistan.Diese Haplogruppe entstand während der neolithischen landwirtschaftlichen Revolution und verbreitete sich mit Reiternomaden in der eurasischen Steppe

-Haplogroup J2 is not mainly found in Europe according to geneticist spencer wells and Semino et al, they simply state that haplogroup J2 as compared to J1 is found more frequently in Europe. Many Middle Eastern populations have rates of J2 that are numerically and percentage wise much higher than European populations, where it is observed at moderate frequency only in the Mediterranean region. For anyone scientifically interested in paternal lineage J2, J2a, J2b, etc. (Y-DNA / Y-chromosome, not to be confused with mtDNA J2). Discussion and support of Y-DNA J2-M172 Haplogroup Research:..

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  1. Haplogruppe K ist in der Humangenetik eine Haplogruppe des Y-Chromosoms.Diese Haplogruppe stammt von Haplogruppe F (M89). Ihre Nachfolger sind L (M20), M (P256), NO (M214) (und deren Nachkommen N und O), P (M45) (und deren Nachkommen Q und R), S (M230) und T (M70)
  2. ents/good-coverage + historically informative) based on J2-M172_spreadsheet (synonymous SNP-names not always listed). Usually listed SNPs are checked for genome-seq-uniqueness with BLAT using ybrowse FastaDumper (since late 2017 hg38 / use Chrome/ium: ISOGG 500bp, SangerSeq 1kbp; ) and YFull SNP search (see Spreadsheet>Phylo-SNPs for details including.
  3. J2-M172 is a subclade (i.e. descendant, branch) of the J-M304 haplogroup. All living J2-M172 men tested so far have belonged to one of the haplogroup's two derived subclades: J2a-M410 or J2b-M12 . Current Y-phylogeny research is filling in the gap between the anthropology of ancient societies, and the genealogical time period generally considered to begin around 500 years ago. See the Y-DNA.
  4. us 12.800 Jahre) im Nahen Osten (Se
  5. The J-M172 haplogroup also called J2-M172, is an ancient haplogroup estimated as first appearing 24,000 to 19,000 years ago but perhaps earlier. The first J2-M172 man was a member of the J-M304/P209 haplogroup, and almost certainly lived in Southwestern Asia, most likely the region of east Anatolia and south Caucasus. But unlike his recent ancestors, his descendants did not all stay, instead.
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J2 Middle East FTDNA Public chrY data analysis Trees & Tools . J2 Research Tree J Haplogroup ISOGG phylotree.org minimal reference J2 YTree YFull J2 Composite Y tree - Ray Banks J2 Draft ytree.ftdna YBrowse ISOGG Y-SNP Subclade Predictor Morley Y-STR modal,GD,TMRCA McGee Y-STR TMRCA EHeli Dear visitor: J2-M172 Haplogroup Research is done by volunteer citizen scientists and admins. Please be patient when you encounter unfinished and outdated areas. Y-SNP analysis of I4331, J2b2a-L283, Bronze Age Croatia - Mathieson et al. 201 Y-chromosome Haplogroup J-M172 subclades update with primary SNPs Combined J2 Phylogeny from almost all available public and DTC sources. Included are ca. 200 informative subclades (pre Middle Age) as well as more recent haplogroups (low-diversity/Middle Age or Clans/Surnames)

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A Y-DNA haplogroup is a group of men sharing the same series of mutations on their Y chromosome, which they inherited from a long line of common paternal ancestors. A few new mutations, known as SNP's , happen every generation John Tyler (1790-1862), the 10th President and 10th Vice President of the United States was identified as a member of haplogroup I2-L801 > Z170 > CTS1977 > Y4946 > Y5282 > CTS1858 > CTS10148 based on the results from the TYLER Family DNA Project (descendent of Henry Tyler) Phylogenetic tree of Haplogroup J2 as of December 2016. The Haplogroup J2(J-M172) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup which is a subclade (branch) of haplogroup J-P209.Haplogroup J2 is common in modern populations in Western Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Europe and North Africa. It is thought that J2 may have originated between the Caucasus Mountains, Mesopotamia and the Levant Haplogroup J2. 28 likes · 2 talking about this. Information about Haplogroup J2 - Genetic Research Page Haplogroup J2 is subdivided into two main subgroups, J-M410 (found mostly in Georgia, North Ossetia) and J-M12, there are also other various subclades under this haplogroup that include: J-M47 (found in low frequencies in Georgia, Southern Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the UAE. In North Africa Tunisia. In Europe Turkey as well. J-M67 found in higher frequencies in the Caucasus region and.

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  1. This project is a meeting place for users who share the J2 Y-DNA haplogroup, which means they are related along their paternal lines. Users in this group may want to share their family trees with each other to find overlaps and merge duplicate profiles in order to join or expand the World Family Tree and discover new relatives
  2. Y-DNA Haplogroup J2b and subclades
  3. orities of other haplogroups have been found on different Neolithic sites next to a G2a majority, including C1a2, H2, I*, I2a1, I2c, and J2a in Anatolia, C1a2, E-M78, H2, I*, I1, I2a, I2a1, J2 and T1a in Southeast and Central Europe (Starčevo, Sopot, LBK), as well as E-V13, H2, I2a1, I2a2a1 and R1b-V88 in western Europe (Cardium Pottery, Megalithic). H2 and T1a were found in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Levant and are undeniably linked to the early development of.
  4. Y-DNA Haplogroup J2b2 M241 Geno 2.0 heatmap analysis - Rhineland, Romans. Corresponding areas between Geno 2.0 J2b2 and Roman settlements at the Rhine frontier (Limes)

Kit #'s 51017, 50850, 95369, Direct Male Descendants of Johan Ellis (b. c.1549 ) (Haplogroup J2) This is a chart showing how I think the three members of this group are related. There is just one connection that is questionable at this time Arabic semitic DNA distributionchromosome YSemitic raceJ haplogroupJ2 J Worldwide spatial distribution of haplogroup (HG) J2a-M410 coincides with presence of archaeological records of painted pottery and ceramic figurine culture 19, 20. Similar material culture dating..

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The J2 haplogroup is far more ancient than the Jewish religion and is found in many lines with Mediterranean region ancient ancestry. Another relatively more recent mode for J2's entry into some parts of Europe from the Mediterranean areas could have been the Roman Legions and Roman settlements Thanks for accepting me to the group :) My Y-DNA Haplogroup is J2a1h2a1 [J2-L70 (J2-L397, J2-L398)] My Paternal Ancestry: I'm a direct male descendant of Daniel The Huguenot Perrin. He was.. Haplogroup J is a human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup. Haplogroup J derives from the haplogroup JT, which also gave rise to Haplogroup T. In his popular book The Seven Daughters of Eve, Bryan Sykes named the originator of this mtDNA haplogroup Jasmine. Within the field of medical genetics, certain polymorphisms specific to haplogroup J have been associated with Leber's hereditary optic. S. Rootsi et al. (2004), Phylogeography of Y-Chromosome Haplogroup I Reveals Distinct Domains of Prehistoric Gene Flow in Europe (PDF; 425 kB), American Journal of Human Genetics 75 128-137; ISOGG, Y-DNA Haplogroup I and its Subclade

The J2b haplogroup is descended from the J2-M172 haplogroup. Naming Changes. Depending on when they were identified as J2b, people with this haplogroup assignment probably belong to either the J2-M68 haplogroup (FamilyTreeDNA 2005-2007) or the J2b-M102 (aka J2b-M12) haplogroup (FamilyTreeDNA 2008-2012) (source1, source2). If you know your Y-DNA haplogroup only by the old-style J2b name, you. In human genetics, Haplogroup J2 (M172) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup which is a subdivision of haplogroup J.. Haplogroup J2 is widely believed to be associated with the spread of agriculture from the northern Fertile Crescent, the Levant, and Anatolia,.This connection is supported by its age (8,500 +/- 3,500 thousand years ago) Template:Ref label, which is very close to the beginning of the.

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  1. People J2 haplogroup نتائج السلالة J2 https://www.facebook.com/Salman12.tariq.9
  2. Romans surely helped spread haplogroup J2 across its borders, judging from the distribution of J2 within Europe (frequency over 5%) wich bears an uncanny resemblance to the borders of the Roman Empire
  3. Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) - Eupedi In human genetics, Haplogroup J2 (M172) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup which is a subdivision of haplogroup J. It is further divided into two complementary clades, J2a-M410 and J2b-M12 Haplogroup J2 is a branch on the maternal tree of human kind

Haplogroup J2 was used to be considered a genetic marker of Anatolian Neolithic agriculturalists. It is also very frequent in the Balkans (Greeks 20.6%, Albanians 19.6%) and in southern Italy (16.7-29.1%). Its frequency rapidly drops in the Carpathian basin (Croatians 6.2%, Hungarians 2.0%, Ukrainians 7.3%) and in Southeastern Iranian-speaking areas (Pashtuns 5.2%, Pamiris 6.1%). A significant. Haplogroup J2 is a branch on the maternal tree of human kind. Its age is between 23,700 and 32,900 years (Behar et al., 2012b). mtDNA Haplogroup J2 Phylotree History . Phylotree.org is the maternal (mtDNA) tree of humanity. It is maintained by Dr. Mannis Van Oven. Each build is a major update to the tree. The current build is #17. Build# Called Variants (Mutations) Notes; 01: J2: 150 152 7476. View Y-DNA Haplogroup J2-M172's most interesting Flickr photos and videos on Fluidr. Fluidr makes it easy to view photos and videos on Flickr using continuous pagination which essentially means that you can view hundreds of photos and videos without ever having to click on a 'next' link. You can view items sort by Interestingess or shuffle images, all on a black background. If you log in, you can also view private photos and videos, add favorites and post comments

Overall, the Y-haplogroup diversity in Libya and in North Africa is characterized by two genetic components. The first signature is typical of Berber-speaking people (E-M81), the autochthonous inhabitants, whereas the second is (J(xJ1a,J2)-M304), originating from Arabic populations. This is in agreement with the hypothesis of an Arabic expansion from the Middle East, shaping the North African. Child(ren): J2a (M410) y-Haplogroup ; J2 So Indian y-Haplogroup ; J2 Haplo in British Isles ; para-Syrian man (neolithic expansion to Greece) ; J2* ; M210 (large clade) ; J2b (incl. M102>Z1825>M241>L283>Z600>Z585>Z597>Z2507>Y15058>Z38240>CTS6190>Y33795 (large Cohen clade)) ; ancestor of John Curtin (Aust. P.M. : J2a4h2-F3133 Haplogruppe IJ - Haplogroup IJ. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie . Haplogruppe IJ ; Mögliche Ursprungszeit : 49.700-44.600 Jahre BP : Möglicher Herkunftsort : West-Asien : Vorfahr : IJK : Nachkommenschaft : Ich , J. Mutationen definieren : M429 / P125, P123, P124, P126, P127, P129, P130, S2, S22 : Haplogruppe IJ (M429 / P125) ist eine humane Y-Chromosomen-DNA-Haplogruppe , ein.

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Haplogroup J2 Youtube Channel (en inglés) Referencias [ editar ] ↑ a b c Sanghamitra Sengupta et al. (2006), Polarity and Temporality of High-Resolution Y-Chromosome Distributions in India Identify Both Indigenous and Exogenous Expansions and Reveal Minor Genetic Influence of Central Asian Pastoralists , American Journal of Human Genetics, 78 :202-22 Cultural Anthropology of Haplogroup J2. Gefällt 1.718 Mal · 2 Personen sprechen darüber. Cultural Anthropology of Y-DNA Haplogroup J2 +M172. Greco-Anatolian, Mesopotamian, Caucasian... J2. Haplogroup J2 is thought to have appeared in the Middle East between 15,000 and 22,000 years ago. Quite a few ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilisations flourished in territories where J2 lineages were prevalent, such as the Etruscans, Minoans, Ancient Greeks, Phoenicians and Israelites. Its initial spread into Europe may have been through Neolithic farmers from the Near East. Within a few thousand years, early male farmers traversed the Mediterranean Sea, bringing their farming expertise and the J-M172 haplogroup to Crete, Italy, and Cyprus. But some of these men did not travel as far, instead settling in the Balkan region of present-day Greece and Albania The haplogroup is commonly called simply J and is a major superclade in the human Y-DNA tree. Phylogenetics. J-M304 is a subclade (i.e. branch, descendant) of the IJ-M429/P125 haplogroup. The two major branches of the J-M304 haplogroup are J1-M267 and J2-M172

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J2a4h2 Y Haplogroup J-L25 DNA J-F761: Maps

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Origins & HistoryThe mutation defining haplogroup J is thought to have taken place some 45,000 years ago, probably in West Asia. It is estimated that J2 split first from J* around 37,000 years ago, followed by J1 some 33,000 years ago. Between the Last Glacial Maximum (c. 26,500 to 19,000 years before present) until the end of the last glaciation (c. 12,000 years ago), J lineages branched off. What is your subclade Y-DNA Haplogroup CF-M3711/CTS6376/PF2697 stems from CT-M168. Is formed 68,500 ybp, TMRCA 65,900 ybp From CF come the haplogroups C-M130 and F-M89. The clade's existence and distribution are inferred from the fact that haplogroups descended from CF include most human male lineages in Eurasia, Oceania and The Americas Haplogroup J2 is a major West Asian and Greco-Roman paternal lineage. It is associated with many Bronze & Iron Age ancient civilizations from the Mediterranean to India. Jan 26, 2014 - History and description of Haplogroup J2 (Y-chromosomal DNA) and its subclades. Haplogroup J2 is a major West Asian and Greco-Roman paternal lineage

Haplogroup J is believed to have arisen between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago in the Near East. It is a descendant haplogroup of haplogroup F*. The Cohen Modal Haplotype falls in haplogroup J. It is subdivided into two haplogroups, haplogroup J2, defined by the M172 marker, and haplogroup J1, defined by the M267 marker. There are also some. They managed to identify his maternal haplogroup as J2. On 12 September 2012, archeologists from the University of Leicester announced that they had discovered what they believed were the remains of King Richard III of England (1452-1485) within the former Greyfriars Friary Church in the city of Leicester (see Exhumation of Richard III). The skeleton's DNA matched exactly the mitochondiral. Haplogroup R1* and R2* might have originated in southern Central Asia (between the Caspian and the Hindu Kush). A branch of R1 would have developed into R1b* then R1b1* in the northern part of the Middle East during the Ice Age. It presumptively moved to northern Anatolia and across the Caucasus during the early Neolithic, where it became R1b1b. The Near Eastern leftovers evolved into R1b1a (M18), now found at lo The following 29 files are in this category, out of 29 total. 2000px-Distribution Haplogroup J2 Y-DNA.jpg 1,989 × 1,091; 123 KB. Distribution Haplogroup J Y-DNA.svg 1,359 × 592; 896 KB. Distribution Haplogroup J1 Y-DNA.svg 1,000 × 551; 1.01 MB. Distribution Haplogroup J2 Y-DNA.svg 1,000 × 578; 693 KB

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J M172 - J2 Y-DNA. Paternal lineage grouping and haplogroup research. 6141 members About; DNA Results; Activity Feed; Photos; Links; FAQ; Administrators Admin Archive J2. Co-Administrators Adrian Heathcote. Chris Rottensteiner . Flor Veseli. Hovann Simonian. Kamal AL GAZZAH. Nader Daou. J-L26 seems to be linked to the early agricultural societies of the Fertile Crescent. However, the most recent common ancestor of the individual members of J-L26 lived about 15,000-17,400 years ago, according to YFull.com(a reliable source for hap..

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Haplogroup J2 is represented at 16% among them, unlike the structure in the Apennine Peninsula, among Romanians the J2b clade prevails. LASER-wikipedia2. In Jewish populations, J1 has a rate of around 15%, with haplogroup J2 (M172) (of eight sub-Haplogroups) being almost twice as common as J1 among Jews (<29%). WikiMatrix . Other Y-DNA haplogroups reaching considerable frequencies among the. I-M170, J2-M67 and R1-M269, that group all the Near East populations, including Egypt, whereas the Arabian samples and Somalia fall on the negative side pulled by their comparatively higher frequencies of the sub-Saharan Africa haplogroups E1-M2 and E2-M75 and, again, the most prevalent haplogroup in Arabia J1-M267. As the first and second principal components only capture the 26% and the 17%. Haplogroup J and Subclades Haplogroup Parent Haplogroup Publication Defining SNPs 23andMe Genoset deCodeMe Genoset Full Genomic Sequence (FTDNA and Argus Bio) J: J'T: 295 489 10398 12612 13708 1606 In the South Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), haplogroup J2 comes into the admixture and is in fact slightly higher than either J1 or G2a. Armenia stands out of the lot by having a substantial J1-L147.1 (L862) minority (at least one third of all J1, i.e. roughly 4% of the population).J1b (F1614, Z2223) arose soon after the Last Glacial Maximum (c. 26,500 to 19,000 years before present. Haplogroup I represents the largest and oldest haplogroup throughout Europe with few exceptions. The origins of haplogroup I are thought to begin with haplogroup IJ — from the Middle East as far back as 40,000 years ago. The mutation of Haplogroup I occurred some 25,000 years after the formation of haplogroup IJ. I includes Cro-Magnons

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Other groups of Jewish lineages were found in Haplogroup J2 that matched the original 6-marker CMH, but which were unrelated and not associated with Cohens. Current estimates, based on the accumulation of SNP mutations, place the defining mutations that distinguish haplogroups J1 and J2 as having occurred about 20 to 30,000 years ago History and description of Haplogroup R1b (Y-chromosomal DNA) and its subclades. Haplogroup R1b is the dominant paternal lineage in Western Europe. It represents the Greco-Anatolian, Italic, Celtic and Germanic branches of the Indo-European speakers Coincidentally, I am in mtDNA haplogroup I (like Bonnie), and just learned that my father is in Y-DNA haplogroup J2. (His earliest known direct paternal ancestor emigrated from Austria to Wuerttemberg [now Germany], in 1650.) I look forward to learning more about J2 and the various subclades J2 is also found in India, where the subclade [Haplogroup J2b2 (Y-DNA) J2b2] is widespread and another subclade [Haplogroup J2a (Y-DNA) J2a] is mainly restricted to North-West of the subcontinent population or later migrants to South and East India like Brahmins. This, together with its believed Anatolian origin, may be suggestive that it was originally a part of the Proto-Indo-European gene. Nevertheless, N1a and X cannot be seen as being exclusively linked to Y-haplogroup G for the simple reason that the first Neolithic farmers from the Fertile Crescent were a compound of several male (and female) lineages, which also included Y- haplogroups E1b1b (at least M123), H2 and T1a (and perhaps minorities of J1 and J2). Famous individuals Ötzi the Iceman , Europe's oldest natural human.

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J2 Haplogroup. Possible time of origin: 18,500 +/- 3,500 years ago. Possible place of origin: Mesopotamia Defining mutations: M172. Moderator: Maximus. Forum. J2a (M410) Haplogroup Any discussions about this haplogroup Moderator: napobo3 Last post by Gioiello Fri May 29, 2020 9:59 am 26. Y-DNA Haplogroup J2b2 M241 Geno 2.0 heatmap analysis - Indo Greek. Corresponding areas between Geno 2.0 J2b2 Y-DNA Heat Map and Indo-Greek territory in Pakistan and India. The hotspot between India and Qatar would be the area around the modern town of Karachi (Pakistan) Y-DNA was tested from Kurds from a Kurdish village called Dogukoy in the central Anatolian region they called Yuksekyer (the real village and region names were obfuscated). 5 of those sampled belonged to haplogroup E1b, 1 to I2a2a-M223, 1 to I2a2b-L38, 1 to J1, 20 to J2 (representing 64.5% of all samples), 1 to R1a, and 2 to R1b-M343 Mehr von Cultural Anthropology of Haplogroup J2. auf Facebook anzeigen. Anmelden. Passwort vergessen? oder. Neues Konto erstellen. Jetzt nicht. Ähnliche Seiten. DNAexplain. Ahnenforscher. Haplogroup. Wissenschaftswebseite. Anthropology of Religion: Ethnographic Research and Cultural Constructs. Schulwesen. Fan Tom or Jerry. Interesse . Anna Tsakouridou. Künstler/in. Family Tree DNA. Produkt.

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هابلوغروب جي (بالإنجليزية: Haplogroup J)‏ في علم الوراثة البشرية وعلم الأنساب، الهابلوغروب J (عرف سابقًا قبل عام 2000 بـ HG9 أو Eu9/Eu10) هي مجموعة من الناس في القديم والحديث يحملون طفرات معينة في هابلوغروب دنا Y-كروموسوم (Y-DNA)، في ظل. Haplogroup J1, more fully Y DNA haplogroup J-M267, is a Y chromosome haplogroup found in the Middle East.This means it represents a group of descendants from a single common ancestor along the father's line. It carries a mutation on the Y chromosome known as M267. This type of mutation is called a SNP, or a single nucleotide polymorphism, which is a change in the chemicals at one position in a. File:Distribution Haplogroup J2 Y-DNA 2018.svg. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. File; File history; File usage on Commons; File usage on other wikis; Metadata; Size of this PNG preview of this SVG file: 800 × 418 pixels. Other resolutions: 320 × 167 pixels | 640 × 334 pixels | 1,024 × 535 pixels | 1,280 × 669 pixels | 1,106 × 578.

Maps of Europe&#39;s ancient tribes, kingdoms and Y-DNARuins at PersepolisWhat is the skin color and facial features of each
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